About The Foundation

The Heroica Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls all over the world through education and media. Kamala Lopez formed the Heroica Foundation as a natural outgrowth of her two core areas of concentration:

  • Heroica Films, her production company formed in 1995 and dedicated to creating media by, for, about and with women and girls
  • Her philanthropic work with “at risk” girls, girls incarcerated in the juvenile justice system and other groups suffering extreme oppression.

While financing for women’s projects may be difficult, the importance of their voices finding a forum is of irrefutable importance to the health and progress of the overall society. Heroica Foundation welcomes support from women, girls and their allies who wish to contribute to the expansion of female voices and stories in the media landscape and across the globe.


Projects and Affiliates

A documentary film that takes an unvarnished look
at where women find themselves today. The film weaves multiple seemingly disparate issues together to
make the case that a lack of full legal equality is having a profound impact on American women’s lives.

The ERA University Program educates, activates and engages the students in a variety of ways, delivering both rigorous, in-depth knowledge on the subject of the EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT

The ERA education project was created to raise public awareness about
the need to ratify the equal rights amendment



Your donation will enable us to continue our education and outreach regarding the need for women’s full federal equality using media including the award-winning documentary film “Equal Means Equal.”
Heroica Foundation is a 501(c)(3) educational & media organization and all donations are 100% tax deductible.
You will receive a receipt of your donation for tax purposes.



Foundation Leadership

Kamala Lopez
Joel W. Marshall
Liz Lopez
Jyoti Sarda
James L Honore
Lisa Hintz

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